Lake District Wedding Ceilidh in a barn - groomsman dancing down the middle of all the wedding guests

Cheshire Wedding Photographer – Best of 2018

As my 2018 wedding season draws to a close – with my last wedding of the year being just two days ago! – I am almost ready to curl up with my husband, our fluffy little pooch, and break the seal on that big tub of miniature heroes thats been starring at me since I bought it two weeks ago…

But before I soak up everything that the festive season has to offer, I am using this time to share with you all what has been, quite frankly, an AWESOME year.

To name a few, I have shot weddings in torrential rain, 30 degree heat, tipis, walled gardens, barns, family homes… there have been dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, a bat (yep, really!)… and to top it all off, I got to work with the pretty wonderful, creative and beautiful couples who chose to hire me as their wedding photographer – thank you ALL!

Although locally, I am a Cheshire Wedding Photographer, I am incredibly lucky to travel all over the country. This year I’ve been to Scotland, The Lake District, The Peak District, Yorkshire, North Wales, Lancashire… it’s been fantastic!

Every year I look forward to seeing the new weddings trends, and this year certainly wasn’t short of fresh ideas. Although, I think my favourite thing this year, has been the huge variety of guest entertainment! From bouncy castles and magicians to ceilidh dancing… guests absolutely love them, and to be honest, they are bloomin’ good fun to photograph, because thats the kind of thing I love to capture most. Those big side stitching laughs, happy tears, grizzly bear hugs, gentle kisses, and last but certainly not least, those hilarious dance moves.

As well as this, I have also been a part of some incredible shoots, been featured on various wedding blogs, and got to work alongside some incredibly talented fellow wedding industry suppliers. Their ingenuity astounds me and they really outdo themselves every single year.

So yes, It bas been quite a year, which resulted the massive task of whittling down thousands of photographs to a select few… but here it is. The best of my 2018 wedding season. Enjoy!

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