Let me tell you a little bit

About me

A Yorkshire lass living in Cheshire

Hello! I’m Becky, a wedding photographer based in Cheshire. I am originally from Harrogate in North Yorkshire, which means two important things. The first; I make really good Yorkshire puddings. The second; I’m always zipping over the M62 to see family, which is why I cover a lot weddings in Yorkshire – and love doing so! 🙂

Growing up surrounded by the gorgeous Yorkshire fields, rolling hills and pretty woodlands, has well and truly made me a country girl. The quiet, calm, natural beauty and open space is where I feel most at home. Therefore given the choice, I’d much rather be lost in the countryside, than lost in a city. (Lost being the operative word, my sense of direction leaves a lot to be desired) It has certainly shaped me in to the creative, artistic, and hopeless romantic that I am today.
I met and fell in love with my childhood sweetheart Martin at the young age of 14, and we have been together ever since. We are now married, and have a fluffy, weird, crazy and loving little pup called Brienne (of Cheshire, not Tarth) who is our world.
At school, the art room was like my common room. You’d find me there working on my latest art and photography projects, with the music turned up pretty loud. And before leaving for University to continue my studies of Photography and Fine Art, I sold my first little car, to buy my first ‘proper’ camera.
The best decision I ever made!
My camera is like a part of me that I never knew was missing.
If it wasn’t for photography, I honestly don’t know what I would be doing with myself now. So if you’re looking for an enthusiastically snap happy photographer – you’ve found her!

Finding a photographer who’s work you love is important, of course. But what’s also important is that you are going to get along, as they will be there throughout your whole wedding day. So with that in mind..

Here are some more things you might like to know about me...

  • I LOVE to make things. So I own ridiculous amounts of craft, gardening, baking and DIY supplies – I thank / blame Pinterest for that.
  • Favourite shop – Etsy
  • Favourite weather – Snow
  • Travelling and seeing un-turned corners of the world is my ultimate dream.
  • I really like putting smiley faces at the end of my sentences 🙂

  • Things that please my inner nerd – Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, ALL things Disney, Mario Kart…
  • Singing and cooking are two of my favourite things. Especially at the same time.
  • As well as singing, music is a huge part of my life, and my musical tastes are enormously diverse.
    … for example. Concert tickets I’ve recently purchased… Shania Twain (I LOVE HER!) Rammstein, Ludovico Einaudi, Celine Dion, Bullet For my Valentine, Olafur Arnalds…

    • I want to eat all the cheese. I think I might be a cheese-aholic. Also chocolate. Sometimes together… please don’t judge me…
    • Ok, now I need to give chocolate a separate bullet point. See this cake? That was our wedding cake! The brief? ‘How much chocolate can you fit on one cake?’
    • I love love LOVE animals <3 (If I had to pick a favourite... probably the red panda!) If you are including animals in your wedding plans somehow – please get in touch immediately! I'll just leave this button here...

    My idea of a perfect date…

    Packing up the car with my husband and my dog, taking a picnic blanket  and a basket full of delicious goodies (including cheese, chocolate + prosecco) to somewhere beautiful. Playing boardgames, sketching, reading, or just relaxing in the fresh air. Bonus points for a beach or river location so we can listen to the water and dip our feet in, if we feel like it!

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